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Creating opportunities in life!


Our well-structured courses are termly and thematic in order to allow a young person to join at any time at the beginning of each term. These courses will provide confidence with the language to communicate with assertiveness and independence from day one, broadening their aspirations and creating opportunities in life! These courses are ideal for those wanting to gain greater results at school, for those moving abroad or for social pleasure.

Benefits include:

  • Stimulate imagination, creativity and memory
  • Build confidence from day one
  • Emerge into the Spanish culture
  • Gain skills for life

All courses include:

  • Homework correction
  • Printed activity worksheets
  • Photocopied Materials
  • Listening activities

Your child will achieve skills that can be used either academically or socially as well as raising their aspirations later on in life by preparing them to be more competitive in terms of work opportunities in a Global Market where languages play an important role in the decision making of tomorrow’s leaders.

See examples of student’s achievements below:

GCSE 12-14

GCSE 14-16

A LEVELS 16-18

Course Details

GCSE 12-14 years

This is a progressive course with emphasis on speaking fluently and writing accurately with the introduction of grammatical rules, leading towards GCSE level. Students work towards improving and perfecting their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Pupils will learn about what they do in their spare time and on holiday. They will be able to talk about their schools and their lives, there; preferences, likes and dislikes, teachers, classmates and problems. They will be able to discuss family, family problems and friends. They will describe their daily routines and much more, using different tenses: present, preterite, imperfect and future.

Course Fees and Payments

There is no registration fee and each course consists of a block of 12 or 11 lessons. Payment by card for new students and by BACS after the first trimester.  Fees per student attending one class per week.

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