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What our Students say:

Good for building up gradually. Teacher is very inspiring, always goes over what we have done before. Games and flip chart are very helpful, easy to understand, fun learning. Excellent teaching, very enthusiastic, course makes you want to learn more. Sally Harford

The pace leaves nobody behind because the teacher sums up and ensures everyone understands before moving onto the next subject. Questions are answered until everyone understands. My Spanish has improved in a very short time. I think the course is very worth doing. Richard Nichols

Good questions and answers CD to help with general conversation. Jimena uses a good range of resources, from music to picture cards and games online. It has been fun and I have started to learn which is what I wanted. However I have a long way to go! Emma Beat

First of all I just wanted to thank you for your help over the last year with Spanish. I received many, many compliments about my oral Spanish which I was in Spain for the last two weeks, and at the Spanish wood turning conference I was able to hold several quite lengthy conversations in Spanish, much to the amazement of everyone that knows me out there (and that knew my lack of Spanish the previous year). I was even able to translate between the English speaking woodturning demonstrator and the organisers (not perfectly of course, but as with the Spanish conversations I held; sufficiently to understand and be well understood). I managed to speak Spanish pretty much all the time, and only really needed a lot of help with more technical language (or when people spoke very fast). Thank you so so much for all your help so far Jimena. Jason

When I started I couldn't speak a word of Spanish now I can hold simple conversation with my neighbours in Spain. CD is very good. I'm using it all the time. I never would have thought that playing games would help me learn so much, I have recommended this course to my daughter. Peter Bromley

I have a visual memory so flash cards, DVDs and games are spot on for practicing; especially verbs. Love the book selected by the teacher, it's very easy to follow. Classes always go very quickly. The course is very engaging. Jo Barker

I look forward to our Spanish gathering every week and have been learning Spanish for 5 years now and I have completed all the grammar. So we agreed with our teacher to do more listening and speaking. It is a Spanish coffee morning for me and I love it! Natalie Peters

What parents say:

Spangles has been a fantastic way for reassuring and encouraging my daughter's confidence in the Spanish language. It's wonderful to see how she finds it more natural when replying in Spanish and how she's now more interested in listening to bedtime stories in Spanish. Thank you Spangles!!! Veronica Robinson
Mother of a child - 4 years old

I wanted to say a huge thank you for the influence you had in David's life in regards to Spanish. He got a 9 in GCSE and chose Spanish for A Level too (he just started A Level). This summer, David mentioned that while he prepared for GCSE exam, he remembered vividly your lessons and topics you taught him. He recognised that your teaching was essential in his decision to continue Spanish. He is even thinking of becoming a Spanish tutor in parallel with his studies. So thank you again for your dedication and your great methods in working with children. Ina Porumb

This Spanish course has been an excellent introduction to our 8 years old child. He has progressed very well and has enjoyed the lessons, learning whilst having fun. The class is a good size to encourage interaction and practise communicating. Gemini Henry
Mother of a child - 8 years old

My daughter Katie attends Spangles at her school and when she comes home she is full on with Spanish. She sings all day long and for the rest of the week! When I went to the final show I was surprised by the amount of Spanish she was staking in as the whole lessons was in Spanish! She definitely will continue whit this Spanish club at her school. Anne Thompson
Mother of a child - 9 years old

Dominic has become a confident boy whilst attending these classes. He enjoys Spanish very much and I can’t wait to go to Spain this year! Kelly Miller
Mother of a child - 6 years old

What Schools say:

Thank you for the Spanish Salsa dancing workshop on Saturday. The teacher was inspiring and we would like to do it again. It was great fun and a really enjoyable class. Lorraine Burford
Youth Development Worker - Woodies Youth Centre

Thank you for a great day on Thursday. I am sorry I missed out on seeing you and being able to join in as I had a meeting all day! The children and their teachers told me they really enjoyed themselves- “What’s the time Mr Wolf?” In Spanish seemed to be a firm favourite. Sonya Sault
Family Liaison Officer Tenterden Infant School and Tenterden Church on England Junior School