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About Us

Operating in Kent since May 2005, Spangles courses are well structured with defined schemes of work and lesson plans for each programme taught, with the added elements of making learning interactive and fun. Music, drama, role-plays, art and games are the core of our interactive lessons for children. Conversation and culture are the focal point for our interactive lessons for teenagers and adults.

At Spangles we consider all learning styles: visual, kinaesthetic, spatial and an auditory when planning our lessons and assume different teaching styles to facilitate learning.

We have developed our own learning resources to back the programmes Spangles offer and we really believe these are very valuable tools to teach children and adults. For the GCSE and A levels courses we follow the main awarding bodies teaching and learning resources, teenagers or adults are taking the exams from.

We run our courses in venues that we hire for this purpose as well as in schools or any other locations where organisations require a Spanish input in their own programmes.

Spangles programmes are progressive with classes available for:  Adults, Teenagers and Children