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Workshops are a great way of implementing targeted learning covering specific topics or subjects. Spangles has a wealth of experience running workshops tailored to specific needs.

We offer workshops to clubs, groups, organisations, schools and colleges who wish to target any specific topic linked to Spanish.

Spangles workshops are about getting students involved in the subject, such as dancing salsa or samba to learn reflexive verbs, singing songs to learn about numbers, time, transport and directions or preparing and eating a meal to learn about food. All our workshops have proved to be both fun and educational.

There are so many subjects we can include as our courses are cross-curriculum. All we need to do is define what you would like us to cover.

We are happy to arrange a meeting at a mutual convenient time to discuss possibilities.

Spanish days, Workshops, PPA cover, and specific subjects
Full day (4 Hours)
Hay day morning or afternoon (2 Hours)
Morning / Afternoon (1 Hour)
Session ( 1/2 Hour)

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"Our son enjoys his time at Spangles. Our son can present challenges for his teachers
and such like due to his hyperactivity and inattentiveness, but you are excellent at keeping
his attention and interest.
The balance of 'work' and fun activities in the lessons seems
to suit him perfectly and he
always leaves the sessions in a happy mood

Sarah Hodge



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