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Spangles has been successfully running private Spanish lessons in Kent since 2005.

Private Spanish Lessons
Lessons are also available for small groups or on a one to one basis, tailored to students' needs for business or personal purposes. Specific topics covered on request, language assistance for those moving abroad or extra tuition for exams: GCSE, AS and A levels.

Lessons will be held online or places of work.


Private Group numbers
Fees per person
Term of 11 weeks per person
£35 per hour
2 to 4
£22 per hour
5 to 6
£20 per hour
7 to 9
£18 per hour
10 to 12
£16 per hour
13 or more
£14 per hour

You pay the total amount of the term in advance, one week before the course starts.

If the lessons take place anywhere else, transport and travelling time costs will be added. We will let you know the exact cost of travel when you book.

If you require different hours / weeks, please contact us for further details.



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Tel: 01622 735292




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